Custom T-Shirts



Can you think of a Stripey pattern that isn't for sale, but you'd be interested in buying? 

No need to worry, we offer a custom T-Shirt design service.

All you need to do is email with your perfect stripe pattern and we'll let you know if we can design it. It doesn't matter if it's on the front, back or sleeve of a short or long sleeved T-Shirt.

On approval, we'll design your custom Stripey T-Shirt. Once designed, we'll post it up onto the site and we'll let you know when you'll be able to buy the shirt. Please note, as it's on the site, other people may buy the T-shirt.

Prices start at

UK: £27.99

Europe: €31.99

USA: $37.99

Canada: CAD$47.99

Australia: AU$41.99